Community Investment

Finning (Canada) takes great pride in contributing to the community, and focuses a lot of time and funding in doing so. We receive masses of donation requests each year, and we try to work with as many as we can that fit within our Community Investment Program Guidelines and budget.

Donation Eligibility Guidelines

  • Must be a registered non-profit agency
  • Must correspond to one of the following categories

Arts and Culture

Finning (Canada) provides program funding versus operating funding.


Support will be considered for projects which contribute to the economic health, well-being and enjoyment of the community at large.


Finning (Canada) will support programs aimed at promoting:

  • Technical excellence (support for Trade Schools and Technical Colleges that train students for our industry).
  • Business excellence (support for higher education).
  • Quality Management (courses, programs and associations that support and promote Total Quality Management).


Finning (Canada) provides program funding versus operating funding.

Other Considerations

  • Dollar size of goal
  • Number of Finning (Canada) employees in geographic area
  • Number of employees involved or potential to be involved
  • Public perception

Ineligible for Donations

  • Private foundations
  • Sporting organizations
  • Agencies funded through the United Way (Finning (Canada) supports the United Way through dollar for dollar contributions from employees on an annual basis).
  • Organizations that are religious or sectarian
  • Service clubs
  • Second party fundraisers
  • Profit making organizations
  • Charitable advertising campaigns
  • Requests for promotional materials
  • Travel expenses

Donation Application Process

If you meet the above criteria and eligibility guidelines you may send your application to:

Corporate Donations Coordinator
Finning (Canada)
PO Box 2405
Edmonton, AB T5J 2S1

Finning (Canada) receives hundreds of applications each year and unfortunately not all requests can be supported.

Applications are reviewed by the committee semi-annually. Please be patient in waiting for a response. All requests will be replied to in writing and are final.

Application Information Required

  • Organization name, address, contacts, registered charitable number, phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.
  • Brief purpose of organization
  • Funding information i.e. governmental or other organizations
  • Target area funding is applied to
  • Details of the project or program funds are being requested for
  • Total cost of program and amount of funding being requested from Finning (Canada)
  • Any other applicable information i.e. brochures, annual report, financial statement, program budget etc.