Employment Overview

  • Ariana Yip

    Mining Commercial Manager

    “I work for Finning because they care and are committed to supporting and developing a diverse workforce. No matter what skill sets you wish to acquire, the opportunities at Finning are endless.”

  • Griffin Keyes

    Mining Account Manager

    “Most people think that to change careers you have to change employers. Working for Finning has given me the opportunity to learn and grow through several different careers, in several different locations, yet all with the same employer”.

  • Michelle Murray

    Payroll Analyst

    “From taking courses to on-the-job learning at Finning, I have discovered how to persevere through challenging tasks. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I have accomplished something, and helped someone along the way.”

  • Matt Stevely

    Service Supervisor

    “I wanted an employer with a strong safety culture, opportunities for career growth and that would utilize my skillset as a technician. Finning empowered me to be my best, and recognizes me for hard work and dedication. I enjoy coming to work and I’m proud to work for Finning”.

Internal Employment Opportunities

I am a Finning (Canada) employee.

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Heavy Equipment Technicians/Skilled Trades Wanted

External Employment Opportunities

I am not a Finning (Canada) employee.

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Heavy Equipment Technicians/Skilled Trades Wanted


The Heavy Equipment Service program (ThinkBIG) is the result of a unique partnership among GPRC, Caterpillar and Finning, Caterpillar's largest dealership worldwide.

Working At Finning

Working At Finning

Challenging, rewarding and fulfilling. A great working environment that promotes teamwork and success as well as focusing on life outside of work by providing one of the best benefits packages in the industry.

Every individual, regardless of responsibilities, relies on teamwork to get things done. We know that the highest quality work comes from combining the skills and expertise of people and providing the support they need to take personal responsibility for their own success, and for the success of the team.