Governmental Overview

Governmental organizations are continually being faced with increased workload demands and slim operational budgets. Dependability of your equipment is a key component of meeting workload demands, without breaking the budget.

With Caterpillar equipment, dependability is no longer a risk, it is a key asset. Buy your Caterpillar from Finning (Canada) and have the reassurance that comes with access to our network of branches in key municipalities and unparalleled field support.

Finning (Canada) understands that governmental purchases can be rather challenging, especially for newcomers to the process. In order to make your selection and purchasing experience easier and more efficient, we have partnered with Caterpillar and are happy to provide you access to Consider it your single source of information for the North American governmental buying process.

Governmental - New Equipment

Governmental - New Equipment

Browse our CAT equipment catalogue for the latest information on new Governmental equipment.

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