New Parts

Original Caterpillar new replacement parts meet or exceed the exacting specifications of your Caterpillar machine’s factory assembled original parts. Benefiting from ongoing research and technological advancements, original Caterpillar new replacement parts are the optimal performance choice for your machine.

Cat Classic Parts

In addition to offering the full line of original Caterpillar new replacement parts, Finning now offers the Cat Classic line of new parts for the following, older Caterpillar machines.

Track-Type Tractors

  • D4C, D4D
  • D5, D5B
  • D6B, D6C, D6D
  • D7E, D7F, D7G
  • D8H, D8K
  • D9G, D9H

Hydraulic Excavators

  • 215, 215B
  • 225, 225B

Motor Graders

  • 112, 112E, 112F
  • 120, 120B
  • 12E, 12F
  • 140, 140B
  • 14D, 14E

Track Loaders

  • 951B, 951C
  • 955H, 955K, 955L
  • 977H, 977K, 977L
  • 983

Wheel Loaders

  • 950
  • 966B, 966C


  • 561B, 561C, 561D
  • 571, 571F, 571G
  • 572E, 572F, 572G
  • 583H, 583K
  • 594, 594H

Additional models will be added to this list. Please contact your local Product Support Sales Representative, Customer Account Manager or Finning branch.

Meeting demanding Caterpillar specification, Cat Classic Parts are manufactured specifically for the unique requirements of your older machine. They are a value-priced repair alternative when the age, application, utilization or remaining life of the machine demands a more economical repair solution. Cat Classic new parts offer the same 6 month parts warranty as original Caterpillar new replacement parts and are fully backed by Caterpillar and Finning.

Other replacement part options offered by Finning include used and remanufactured parts.

Ordering Parts - ordering parts online is now available!

To make it even easier to do business with us we are now offering PartStore, a web-based tool which will allow you to buy parts over the Internet. If you would like to sign up for this application, please proceed to our Online Services page and click the PartStore link.

In addition to PartStore, you can also order your parts over the phone, fax, or by going to your local branch. For branch locations and phone numbers visit our locations page.

Parts Inventory

Finning maintains extensive parts inventories. Inventory is ordered and controlled by sophisticated data processing systems. An on-line network links all locations to each other, to Caterpillars major depot at Spokane, Washington and to the manufacturing plant at Morton, Illinois. Any part temporarily out of stock can quickly be searched for at any branch, Caterpillar facility, or other dealer. Chances are, when you need it, we’ve got it.


To expedite parts deliveries, Finning operates its own dedicated transportation service. Emergency parts orders are trucked from Caterpillar depots to distribution centers at Langley and Edmonton. From there, along with stock orders, remanufactured components and small machines, they are transported to branches and depots. The Parts Express fleet travels more than 3.3 million kilometers a year.

Contact your local Product Support Sales Representative or Finning branch for more information on parts.